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Divide and conquer!

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Divide and conquer!

Post by Athena* on Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:18 pm

Brainwashing,  programming , right -left wing ! Ideologic, systems of values  wars! It is so very easy to divide and conquer  humanity  as the ideas are ruling the world and manipulating  the process of thinking!
Intelligence  and stupidity , order and chaos, light and darkness can never ever coexist . They eliminate  one another! It is an automatic  process! The sinergy of antagonistic energies  generates  conflict !  
Earth  is a secular planet. Its information - vibration - enegy holds back the  radical transformation and expansion  of the individual  / global spiritual  consciousness. The spiritual growth is not possible  if one is distracted  by illusion = the multiform drug of the  cortex, ... the  grotesque illusion of a decadent  world.
Everything  is sacred or nothing  is sacred! This planet is definitely a non -sacred universe.

Nimic nu este mai presus de Adevar!

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