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ONLY THE ABSOLUTE IS NOT RELATIVE ... everything else is ! 

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ONLY THE ABSOLUTE IS NOT RELATIVE ... everything else is ! 

Post by Athena* on Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:59 pm

ONLY THE ABSOLUTE IS NOT RELATIVE ... everything else is ! 
The quality of the process of exchange of information - vibration - energy / communication , depends on the Law of Resonance .

 The quality of the social coexistence, exchange of information, systems of values , modes of operation, negativity - positivity, order - chaos, intelligence - unitelligence, coherence - incoherence depends on the Law of Resonance too. 

'The highest form of friendship, Aristotle argues, is FRIENDSHIP OF VIRTUE. This type of friendship is based on a person wishing the best for their friends regardless of utility or pleasure. Aristotle calls it a “...COMPLETE SORT OF FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN PEOPLE WHO ARE GOOD AND ALIKE IN VIRTUE...” [6] This type of friendship is long lasting and tough to obtain because these types of people are hard to come by and it takes a lot of work to have a complete virtuous friendship. Aristotle notes that there can not be a large amount of friends in a virtuous friendship because the amount of time and care that a virtuous friendship needs limits the amount of time one can spend with other friends. Aristotle argues that there are similarities between friendship of virtue and that of utility and pleasure, however; it is only the good that can endure in such a friendship. As Aristotle puts it, “it is clear that only the good can be friends for themselves, since the bad do not enjoy their own kind unless some benefit comes from them.” [7] Friendship of virtue is only felt among the good, between few amounts of people, is resistant to slander and is long lasting.
Read more : http://cantory.blogspot.ro/2007/12/aristotle-and-his-..

● 'Friends are a single soul dwelling in two bodies .' - Aristotle 

● 'The character and the activity of information contributes fundamentally to the quality of substance'. - David Bohm

Considering the concepts above, one may understand that the countless levels of consciousness and qualities of substances is what separates entities. Each entity is unique and consequently has an individual relationship with the Universe. Therefore : 
● the perception, identification, interpretation of whatever is observed in a space - time reality / environment - moment, has innumerable meanings of meanings [ according to ones level/quality of consciousness ]. 
● what one might consider order, positive, coherent, intelligent, etc,. might be considered disorder, negative, incoherent, unitelligent by another.  

However, what Aristotle meant by ' friends are a single soul dwelling in two bodies' is that friends are essentialy sharing the same or very similar characters, level of consciousness / intelligence /, meanings, systems of values, modes of operation and consequently they naturally resonate with one another. It is how a naturally fluent - harmonious exchange of information - vibration - energy is possible and eventually sinergically expands consciousness. ~ fmoesf
The only negativity is the mutilevel - multiform unintelligence! However this is not a concept for every brain to understand ! - fmoesf

In regards with the social life , basic - adaptable rules, laws, norms of social behavior must exist for a bearable coexistence .

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