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Illusion ...

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Illusion ...

Post by Athena* on Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:02 pm

(The repression of the desires) Colour' Dao De Jing , translated by John Legge:  
The five hues from the eyes their sight will take; 
Music's five notes the ears as deaf can make;
The flavours five deprive the mouth of taste;
The chariot course, and the wild hunting waste
Make mad the mind; and objects rare and strange,
Sought for, men's conduct will to evil change.
Therefore the sage seeks to satisfy (the craving of) the belly, and not the (insatiable longing of the) eyes. He puts from him the latter, and prefers to seek the former.

How do I know that love of life is not a delusion after all? How do I know but that he who dreads to die is as a child who has lost the way and cannot find his home?' - 莊周 Zhuangzi
- Translated by Lionel Giles

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